Sunday, April 1, 2012

-SIAM SHADE NeverEnds!

**Hideki is the voice; Junji is the heart; Daita is the soul; Natin is the mind; Kazuma is the energy--Siam Shade is my life**

--Welcome to SIAM SHADE NEVERENDS , or just @SSNE, you're probably a SIAM SHADE fan like all of us here that work on this site. Please feel free to navigate through the menu(on your right-->)
and download our videos, we appreciate if you'll mention @SSNE in case of sharing or posting the video elsewhere.
--We do not endorse the use of any of these videos on any project that involves selling. Everyone that collaborates on @SSNE does it for free, as well as many other fans that buy DVDs, rip and share them for free. If you want to share the videos anywhere else, do it for free and always mention the owner of the video.
--If you want to be a part of our team please contact us:
--No membership is required for you to download any video, BUT today(2010.01.11) I woke up and decided to put the comments feature back for you guys own benefit; if no one comments I'll remove it for good and anyone who has problems with some dead link will not have the chance to ''complain'' about it, or even to request something. I would strongly reccomend that if you are a SIAM SHADE fan please comment, whether it is to request something or to ask for a reupload, or even to thank us. This feature will only be available for certain time until I figure out no one needs anything more than what we already offer here, therefore there's no need to comment.
Have a nice 2010 everyone!
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