Saturday, December 6, 2008

-SSNE Downloads: Tutorial & Credits


-Downloads Tutorial-

--To download any video, just click on the image displayed within the title of the video; some videos are divided into 2 or more parts, in such cases just click where it says '' part 1'' or ''part 2''.
We often use MediaFire to host our videos because the upload and download speed is much faster; in some cases, however, we use Megaupload for bigger files and the download speed isn't bad at all. We still haven't come to a conclusion regarding putting the subbed videos for download. USE THE COMMENTS FEATURE so we can come to a conclusion about it.
Also, we've recently upgraded many files and we'll be constantly doing so as long as better files come to our hands. If you have any video to collaborate with @SSNE just try to contact us, I'm sure it's not a hard task at all.
If you're looking for Albuns or any audio downloads, I'm afraid this is just the wrong place for you. We only share video files, that's the main purpose of the administrators and SSNE team.

*Videos Credits*

--AAA's 1999 by hakkyou (a.k.a. hachan)

--AAA's 2001 by sdermaisia

--Super Dream Live 1998 by Gaby-chan

--M-Stage by roseandblood2008

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