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October 22nd, 2011:
Epic video: ''Don't tell lies'' live back in 1990!

July 30th, 2011:
A video report of the Zepp Sendai concert can be seen at SIAM SHADE's official site.
It's already uploaded here. By the way, ripped directly from SIAM SHADE's site, without any watermark. (I'm only watermarking our subbed videos from now on :p)
July 21th, 2011:
As you all have probably noticed , YouTube deleted one of @SSNE channels, siamxshadexneverends( R.I.P.). It surely gave me a big headache and sadness.
But now, there's a new channel on Daily Motion, you'll be able to check our removed subbed videos and new ones too. Just click *here* to access the channel. Hope you enjoy!
April 29th, 2011:
The moment we've been waiting for through all these years...2002 since 2011...
SIAM SHADE is back! For charity reasons, but it doesn't matter, it's great anyway. XD
Let's just hope this reunion will last a little more than 2007 and that we'll have live DVD & CD too.
You can read the full annoucement here:

Hideki's Voice translations

thanks to the amazing Doci.
And here's the note on the official SIAM SHADE homepage:
March 4th, 2011: Yes, we're back. And yes, lazy ones we are. XD
I'll be updating the ''Subbed Videos'' topic really soon, for the moment we have Pop Jam interview + ''Time's''. Enjoy!
October 27th, 2010:
Today is the SIAM SHADE Tribute day and also, Hideki's. DETROX's first DVD will be on sale officially. And I'm back to @SSNE after LOTS of problems. >.< Thanks Doci and tappajamursu for everything. Luna is back! Yay! About the site itself, I've removed 2 sections: Promotional Videos & DVDs. --------------------------------------------------------------- June 15th, 2010: OMG. News from my friend Keiko!! What will happen with SIAM SHADE next Fall? Check this site:
I DO pray and hope it's about the band itself and not a bunch of other artists singing their songs. I'll be really pissed if that's the case. As hopes die at last, I do pray that the band will be reunited again. Daita's 15th Anniversary, Junji and Natin were both there...Hideki and Kazuma have also played together this year...something's in the air!
May 18th, 2010:
HISTORICAL and epic video from SIAM SHADE when the band was named Ataru; only Hideki and Natin( still Yasushi) were there. This is the PV for ''Don't tell a lie'':

January 29th, 2010:
Celebrate watching:

January 28th, 2010:

#Hideki's interview translated by tappajamursu. Read HERE.
SIAM SHADE's Fool's Mate interview translated by tappajamursu. Read HERE.
All I can say is that it was SO MUCH fun to read both of them!
January 1st, 2010:
#We're celebrating @SSNE 2nd anniversary!! Hopefully we'll have some new stuff for you soon.
November 9th, 2009
#Personal issues and a bad internet are responsible for our lack of updates. We're not dead, let's just say we're on a hiatus. Hopefully we'll be solving such problems soon.
Hitori janai my close friends!

July 19th, 2009

#More and more subbed videos coming. The Utaban second part will probably be ready until this Tuesday( July 21th). Also, the V8 Last Live special video, possibily until next Wednesday.
July 2nd, 2009
#New subbed videos. We're in the process of uploading more subbed videos and also of replacing all old subbed videos by new ones, with finally good subtitles and with the best quality possible.
May 31th, 2009
#New video on TV Shows & Special Videos. I don't have any idea about the TV Show itself but it's really funny, we get to see the boys backstage, being goofy, and also some scenes from live.
May 23th, 2009
#The new and improved SIAM SHADE Photo Album is already up!
May 18th, 2009

#New video posted on TV Performances & Interviews, thanks to roseandblood2008.
It's also an unique TV performance of ''Don't tell lies'' and the continuation of the 'Men talk' interview.
May 15th, 2009

#Please make sure to vote on our first poll in which we're trying to find out who is the most popular SHAMU member!
May 14th, 2009
#I have the pleasure and the joy in announcing that my dear friend Keiko is now one of the official members of SSNE team! She's been helping me a lot with translations and info regarding SIAM SHADE. I'll be posting some of her translations as soon as we finish working some things out.

#New video posted on TV Performances & Interviews thanks to roseandblood2008. It's the full version of the infamous ''Men Talk'' video, which we have already translated thanks to our dear tappajamursu. After the talk part, they perform ''Glacial Love''. More to come soon!
May 13th, 2009
#Many new videos thanks to roseandblood2008. Some really rare stuff such as an unique TV performance of ''No! Marionette'', personally one of my favorite songs.
We've already started posting them.
May 11th, 2009
#New translated interview thanks to tappajamursu(goutetsu). It's a very funny one! The original scans are displayed below, thanks to morgianasama.

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